About Us

Flying Couch Brewing was founded in 2011 as a gipsy brewery and has since 2015 changed to a physical self-owned brewery located in the northwestern part of Copenhagen.

The beer is mainly found in the Copenhagen area but is also distributed by Det Belgiske Hus to the rest of Denmark.

Inspection report: https://www.findsmiley.dk/572311


How to buy

Are you interested in getting our beer at your bar? Contact us for selection and prices.

Our beer is sold fresh from the tap at various places around the country.
We offer beer tasting at the brewery. 200 KR. pr. person and you have to be at least 10 people.

Visit the Brewery Bar/Taproom
For the most authentic experience, buy your cans at the brewery BAR, Bygmestervej 6, 2400 København NV.
Just enter the yard and you’ll see the sign.
Check Instagram/Facebook/Google for varying opening hours.

You are most welcome to stop by and say hello, or buy your beers direct from the brewery.
Bygmestervej 6, 2400 København NV, DK

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