Delivery Terms

Delivery / freight

You have a choice of several different delivery services to suit your needs. Simple, Very Simple is partnering with experienced and specialized companies to offer delivery, take back and installation.

Free delivery

When you shop on, standard delivery is free.

Where can you get delivery?

Simple, Very Simple delivers to all addresses in Denmark where there’s bridge connection (excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland). The standard delivery is 3. business days following your purchase. If you place an order on the Monday you will take delivery by the following Thursday. If you order by Friday you will take delivery by Wednesday.

The standard delivery is at curbside. Curb side delivery happens at a point closest to your address where the first lift of the product needs to happen eg. pavement, doorstep, driveway or garage. If you prefer to take delivery in your house/apartment or wishes to have your purchase installed you may choose one the options at an additional cost.

Home delivery

Home delivery require that you add 10 cm. to the product dimensions and confirm that the product can fit through eg the frontdoor or similar.


A one man delivery requires that an automatic trolley can be deployed. To deploy the trolley the staircase should be straight and/or leave enough space on a landing to turn the product around.

Basement staircases rarely leaves room on the bottom landing to rotate the product. For these deliveries two men are recommended at an additional cost of 195 kr for an additional man.

An internal staircase of steel will allow the use of an automatic trolley whereas an internal staircase of wood will not. The trolley will damage the staircase

In case of any questions or doubts regarding delivery please feel free to ask quesionts by mail and attach if possible pictures.
In case of aborted home delivery

In case of an aborted delivery due to either restricted access or no presence at the address on arrival the home delivery fee will not be refunded. You will be charged a 199 kr. for a second attempt of delivery. In case that two men is required to undertake the delivery an additional fee of 390 kr. Will be assessed.

Note: Home delivery of double fridges/freezer (american fridges) is unfortunately not possible..


The installers are trained and certified household appliances installers. They are however, not carpenters, plumbers or electricians. They can connect electricity, water and sewerage – it’s however not possible to make any changes to existing installations or structures.

Is your electrical outlet ready for installation?

The installers can connect to a permanent fixed socket on your wall or in your cupboard. If the installation cannot be made to a legal existing socket or outlet the installation will be cancelled by the installer.

The original electrical cord may be as short as 70 cm. If the length of the original cord is insufficient an authorized electrician will need to replace the original with a longer cord.

The installers cannot change the length of the cords make new or change existing permanent/fixed sockets or outlets in your house/apartment. These types of changes require an authorized electrician.

  • To take advantage of the full capacity of your new oven you need an outlet/socket with sufficent voltage. An ordinary 220V outlet is insufficent you will need at least a socket with 400V – 13 amp.
  • The installer can decline to undertake the installation if the product cannot be connected to a legal permanent/fixed socket/outlet.


  • Ovens come with1,5 mm cords. Any standard electrical socket only one 1,5 mm cord are only prepared for connection to one 1,5 mm cord. If you require the connection of more than one product you must have a sufficient amount of sockets/outlets.
  • Cupboard cannot be fitted by the installer to ftt the oven. The oven can only be connected to the existing permanet fixtures/sockets/outlets in the cupboard you assign.

Cabling through cupboards/walls

It is outside the scope of the installers to drill or otherwise cable through walls or cupboards. Any holes needed for cabling purposes must be made prior to the installation..

Integrated products

  • Please note that the installer is unable to joint, mount fronts or adapt cupboards.
  • The adjustment of a product is done after mounting a front to align the front with other kitchen elements.
  • The installer will not adjust the product to ensure alignment can be made.

Water and sewerage connection

Appliances with water connection must be connected to functional tap.The tap must be able to turn off water supply at the connection point. Shutting off a main valve is insufficient.

Please make sure prior to the installation that the tap is functional and that the tap is prepared for mounting a connecting water hose as it is not possible to make changes to your existing plumbing.

The maximum distance between your appliance and the tap is the ca. 1,5 m length of the existing original water hose.

You may purchase additional length connection- or discharge hoses subject to availability.


  • The maximum distance between the tap and your dishwasher is the ca. 1,5m length of the original connection- and discharge hoses as hoses cannot be extended.
  • If your isntallation requires a longer hose a new hose must be fitted to your product.
  • A new hose can/should only be replaced by an authorized plumber as the hose is typically welded to the machine.

Washers and driers

If you want your washer and drier to be placed on top of each other an extra mand has to be booked fo the delivery and installation in order to safely make the lift at the cost of 190 kr.

Note: If the you have purchased a drier with a steam outlet the installation of the steam outlet is outside the scope of delivery and installation.

In case the installation is aborted

If the installation is abandoned due to hindrances caused by you eg no show at the address or no legal/appropriate permanent/fixed socket/outlet/tap/sewerage you will not receive a reimbursement.  For the installation. You will be charged an additional 199 kr. for a new delivery unless it’s a two man job in which case you will be charged 495 kr.

Note: There is no delivery/installation on islands without a permanent bridge to access.

Take back

Simple, Very Simple offer to take back your appliance free of charge and make sure the products are product life extended, re-used as spare parts or recycled for material recovery. To take advantage of the take back scheme your discarded product you must make sure that the discarded machine is not connected to electricity/water/sewerage. Furthermore the machine should be made available where the new machine is delivered.

Standard delivery (curbside)

The discarded products needs to be disconnected and placed on the curbside for the drivers to take back.
Home delivery

The discarded product must be disconnected and at floor level to enable take back by the driver.

Please recall that the discarded product must be able to be transported with an automatic trolley. Hence you need to ensure that the product can exit doors and note that your discarded product may be sized different.

There is no home delivery of double fridge/freezers, acccordingly it is not possible to handle double freezers/fridges. In such a case the product must be made ready at the curbside.

Installation of new products

To disconnect your existing machines in some cases you will need to remove adjust the footing/strip. Feel free to empty the cupboard where the machine will be connected and consider emptying your garbage.

The installer will contact you 30 min prior to the delivery/installation so please consider emptying your fridge/freezer at the point of the delivery to avoid damage to your groceries and avoid defrosting that may lead to water on the floor.

Please make sure that all loose items are safely stowed away to make room for the installers.

If you are unfamiliar with the location of your main electrical switches please consider seeking assistance locating the switches.

If your drier is placed on top of your washer you will need two drivers to deliver the products, to avoid that the installer makes heavy lifts that endanger his/hers health and safety not is it possible to seek help privately due to insurance requirements. You will therefore need to either lift your product prior to delivery/installation or that you order two people for delivery/installation.

The installers will not mount kitchen boards nor dismount the same, wherefore the discarded machines must be fully prepared in terms of dismounting the board.

Installation or de-installation of gas is not available and would require the engagement of  certified plumbers.