What is
Very Simple

With Simple, Very Simple you buy sustainable appliances. Discarded appliances are inspected, tested, fixed and made ready for a new life. At the moment we can re-use 40% of all appliances. Gradually that will move towards 70-80% re-use.

When you buy a Simple, Very Simple appliance you save on average 227 kg CO2e per appliance and 55kg feq of virgin natural resources over the life cycle of the appliance.

With Simple, Very Simple you can help slow down if not stop the massive over-consumption, pollution, CO2-emissions and over use of resources

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Appliance

Choose between washer, dryer, combi and dishwasher

Step 2

Choose Quality

Choose between Economy, Standard or Premium.

Step 3

Choose delivery

We offer different types of delivery from curd-side to carry-up and installation.